Tuesday, February 28

My perfect lip combination.

I mentioned before in this MUA post that I really wanted to get my hands on the MUA Love Hearts lip balm in Sweet Kiss and fortunately enough, I did. 
When I first saw this lip balm, I thought it was such a beautiful colour, and definitely the sort of shade I love and I am in no way disappointed. It's the most beautiful Coral Peach shade and like the other lip balms from the collection, smells like a vanilla sweet dream! 
The colour pay off on the lips isn't the most pigmented, but it is just a lip balm and doesn't claim to add a huge amount of colour. Used on its own or on top of another lip product it literally is wonderful and works delightfully well paired up with Topshop Coy- so much so that it is my new favourite lip combo.

MUA Lip Balms are available along with the rest of the collection from Superdrug and cost just £2

Topshop Coy is very possibly my dream lip colour. It's a brightened combination of a Coral, a Pink and a Peach which all together could only create a beautiful shade.  
If this was in a satin lipstick formula it would probably be my favourite ever, however what it actually is, is a lip colour stick which is unfortunately incredibly drying- boo!
It's super pigmented but with it being so drying, you couldn't possibly wear it alone and personally, I wouldn't ever want to.
I've been wearing it with my MUA gloss in Candy Pink up until now, but since getting Sweet Kiss, that has now been replaced. 

Topshop Coy is available from Topshop and costs £7 

These two products compliment each other so well. The shades and the formulations work together like a match made in heaven.

The moisturising lip balm takes away the dryness of how Coy feels on the lips and completes the look with a slight sheer/glossed finish which I think Coy lacks.
Sweet Kiss keeps your lips soft and adds a little confidence when wearing Coy, I know when I'm wearing a drying lipstick I'm constantly checking in the mirror that it doesn't look as bad as how it feels.

Although it's slightly annoying having to wear two products to get the look you long for, it can't be helped if your perfect shade and your perfect finish haven't yet been invented in one tube. Anyway, mixing it up a little bit is always fun!

 Costing only £9 together, this is my latest perfect lip combo and I would highly recommend it and both of the products. 

Have you tried Coy? Have you tried Sweet Kiss? Whats your favourite lip combo?




  1. I've heard a lot about coy, looks really pretty! I'll have to pop into topshop for a swatch :) x


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  3. Love sweet kiss its soooo good!
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  4. Ah I really want Coy - looks gorgeous x


  5. This is the exact combo I've been wearing the past few days! Great minds think alike ;) x

  6. Oooh I have had Coy for a while now and it has gone a little unloved. I've also got the Great Kisses MUA lip balm which is a nude and I LOVE it over Hue and Shy Girl. Im thinking that I definitely need this one so that I can start wearing Coy again just in time for spring! Great review :):) xxx

  7. Love the color, natural and beautiful <3


  8. Considering I got paid today, these 2 are top of my list to buy tomorrow! The result is gorgeous! xx

  9. Looks just like sleek pout polishes :D


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