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Make Up Academy- Out There Plumping Lip Glosses

 In my adult life, I have only ever purchased maybe two or three lip glosses, which I know, is probably a sin as a beauty blogger but they never have really appealed to me.
I much prefer a matte looking lip and the generalisation of super shiny glosses has never been the look I have gone for.

Two lip glosses that I have used are the Too Faced Lip Injection and a barely there feel Benefit gloss.
I only wear them once in a blue moon, and since receiving these two glosses last week at the MUA Love Heart Event I have already used them more than both of the others put together.

The two lip glosses I'm speaking of are the MUA 'Out There' plumping glosses in Candy Pink and Peach Shimmer

Candy Pink
Peach Shimmer

Candy Pink is my favourite of the two. It's my favourite go to Pink shade- a light Barbie Pink, very similar in fact to the colour that MAC Gaga gives you. On the lips, it has a slight Blue undertone to it which I think is always a winner as it tends to suit so many skin tones and makes your teeth look so lovely and white.
The product has just enough pigment to it, and isn't too shiny which I love. 
Pictured in the top swatch is the product straight onto my lips, but as well as giving a great immediate effect, it looks so nice on top of a lipstick base also.
It doesn't have that awful sticky feel that glosses can sometimes have, which ultimately along with the high-shine effect is what has often put me off. 

Peach Shimmer is a darker Pink shade. I wouldn't necessarily say this has much of a peach tone to it like the name suggests, nor does it have any visible shimmer, but it is a beautiful colour.
It's a lot more pigmented than Candy Pink and I will more than likely only wear this on its own rather than over a lipstick.
It is a slightly darker Pink than I would go for usually as a day time lip product, but as a night time colour it goes down a treat. 
Like Candy Pink, it doesn't have the sticky feeling on the lips which is amazing.

You may wonder what makes these lip glosses plumping, and its due to the fact that these products contain maxi lip plumping agents. After about 20-30 seconds of applying, the product starts to tingle on the lips. Not horrifically, in fact a lot less tingling than other products I have tried- including the Bare Faced Lip Injection, although giving a very similar result.
These products aren't going to give you a dramatic full plump botox lips, but they will give you slight plumping results along with a beautiful shade at a wonderful price- £2!  

Both of these products really glide on to the lips so nicely, and have really good staying power. Now I'm using them more and more often, I'm becoming quite addicted to reapplying although it really isn't necessary. 

The best thing about these products, is that they do cost just £2. £2 is an absolutely unbelievable price for these products. 
In my opinion, although I'm glad they're not, these could be priced so much higher than what they actually are.

They are available from Superdrug now and come in 8 different shades- Nude, Buff, Peach Shimmer, Candy Pink, Sugar Pink, Shocking Pink, Pin Up Pink and Sienna. 

Will you be plumping you lips up with a MUA Lip Gloss?



  1. These look lovely, I not usually a fan of lipgloss but I may have to have a look at these! x

  2. Really want to try these ! They look so nice on you ! xx

  3. Im not really a lipgloss fan either but these look lovely!

  4. im not really a fan of lipgloss, I much prefer lipstick, but the second shade looks gorgeous!xoxo

  5. Those colours are beautiful! Such a bargain too!

    Also, I'm currently running a giveaway for the chance to win a Clarisonic Mia! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. xx

  6. I don't do lipgloss either..totally a lipstick girl. Peach Shimmer looks gorgeous though! x

  7. The colours look gorgeous! :)


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