Tuesday, August 28

Lee Stafford Electricals- My Big Fat Tong


In July I attended a rather fab breakfast event at Lee Staffords apartment, all in the name of his new electrical range. I blogged about the event here and mentioned that we was all given an individual hair prescription, which consisted of products and tools that would suit us and our hair needs. 

I'm always after a little bit of volume and up until now have been slightly roller crazy, in order to achieve a nice lift at the root and that slight wave that they give the lengths of my hair.
When Lee showed us the Big Fat Tong* and demonstrated how it's used on a mannequin, I was so excited and decided I needed it in my life. 

It's a giant curling tool that can either be used alone like a standard tong or similar to rollers, by immediately clipping each hair section whilst it's still hot and left to set like rollers would. I personally prefer to use it how Lee has in this photo, although I like to just use it around my face and on my roots through my parting to my crown, which is where I want the volume and bounce to form.

I find it's best used on day two hair or hair with quite a lot of product in it already, otherwise my hair falls quite quickly and realistically I want it to stay big for as long as possible.

The tool itself is pretty Pink and fabulous, and with the barrel measuring 50mm it's a lot bigger than any other tongs I have used in the past. It has an LED indicator that shows the adjustable heat settings, which heat up to 200°.  

I am such a fan of the Big Fat Tong and find it so quick to use to achieve great shape and volume to my hair without the need of rollers and backcombing. There is no need for me to panic when I'm heading out and haven't had the opportunity to put my giant rollers in, because this does the job in minutes and looks great.

This Big Fat Tong is available, like other Lee Stafford electricals here at Argos for a fabulous £34.99, which I think for a heated hair tool is really reasonable. 

Have you tried any Lee Stafford electrical range? Would you consider this for the lift your hair needs?



  1. woah it is a big fat tong!! hehe not a bad price for a good brand. your hair looks lovely, as per! xx

  2. You look gorgeous! The barrel looks really cool an quite short, so I would assume it's great at getting a lot of volume at the roots and crown of the head. Might have to check this out x

  3. Oooh how pretty! I really struggle with wide barelled tongs as I have very fine hair and the curls fall out in seconds :(

  4. I love the volume it's given your hair around the face! Looks absolutely great and such a reasonable price xo


  5. Your hair looks gorgeous in the photos! xx

  6. I like the way you were shown how to use it. I really want to try this for volume x

  7. It looks awesome I always want my hair too have volume too :) How shiny is your hair - amazing! xoxo


  8. This looks really good, I haven't got on with rollers in the past but just want a root lift for bouncy hair so this would be perfect.

    Haven't had any trouble viewing your blog today so hopefully that malware thing was just a one off!


  9. i have a similar tool that is a 38mm barrel and i could never get on with it, probably because im using it wrong or something xx


  10. Wow it's huge! Need to buy this your hair looks amazing as always x

  11. Your hair looks gorgeous, so full and lovely <3

    I really, really need your help - I entered a competition and I need to gather some "Likes" on an outfit I compiled - If you visit my blog there are more instructions there! I would SO appreciate your help!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  12. I remeber reading your release post and this tool stood out for me too. I will certainly look out for it...fab affordable price too!
    Your hair is gorgeous.


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