Monday, August 27

Ojon Super Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner

Recently I have found myself quite content with having my hair straighter and centre parted with no real style or much effort needed. It makes a change from my usual love of absolute volume and backcombing and honestly, it's quite refreshing to have simple hair that when I go out it doesn't need major retouching and a simple brush does the job. 

I find that to get easy, manageable hair like this it's all in the product and I have been reaching for the Ojon Super Sleek Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner*.

The products are aimed to smooth your hair through, control frizz and any fly-aways you have and leave it sleek, smooth, shiny and all in all more manageable in both normal and more humid conditions. 
I normally put the way my hair ends up after a blow dry down to the serums, the sprays and the mousses but when using these products, it's been because I'm going for a "less is more" look and I am so impressed with how well they work on there own. 

I have found myself only using one a small amount of this each time, which is all thats necessary. A 50p coin size of product lathered into my hair is more than enough for a good clean and with the fresh scent, my hair is left feeling and smelling great.
Conditioners aren't really my thing but they are important, so I use a small amount of this through the ends and rinse off almost immediately, rather than the recommended one minute. Although these products work at making your hair more smooth and control your fly-away bits, my hair is super fine and I don't ever want to risk it really being too soft. The product on my hair does a fine job though and so personally I don't think I need to leave it on any longer. 
I often find some conditioners really weigh my hair down but this doesn't in the slightest and after blow drying, my hair oozes with shine and feels so light, sleek and smooth.

My hair really does look so healthy after using this and I put it down to the ingredients Ojon have chosen to use and the fact that these products are sulphate free. I don't ever really look into the ingredients of products and tend to just pay attention to the effects but sulphates pretty much strip your hair of any goodness, natural oils and moisture leaving it drier than normal- which for me would really not be a good thing!   

I've mentioned a few times that my scalp has been a little dry recently, but I have noticed that it hasn't been that bad and has been stayed calm when I've been using these which is great.

I'm finding Ojon products to be my favourites at the moment, I'm so sad I hadn't tried them sooner. For days when I do want bigger hair I'm still finding the Ojon Volumising range that I blogged about here to be my go to products.

These two products are available here on the Ojon website and cost £20 for the Shampoo and £21.50 for the Conditioner. 

Do you long after soft and sleek hair? Have you tried any of the Ojon ranges?



  1. these products sound great, i wish my hair was as easy to manage x

  2. Sounds really great! I used the Ojon deep conditioner once and I found it too heavy for my hair, these may be a bit lighter - I definitely want to try them out!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. ive never really tried these products xx

  4. I really want to try some ojon products! My hair is so damaged and I've heard nothing but good things about them x

  5. I hear so many good things about Ojon, I want to try their products but the price tag puts me off a little! I do love a bit of luxury haircare though..


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