Tuesday, December 11

Benefit Very Bene-Christmas Party

Last night lots of Christmas celebrations were had in the very cool London based Cocktail bar, Mary Janes, where Benefit held an absolutely fantastic, very Bene-Christmas party. 

It was a great evening to spend playing with a fabulous selection of Benefit products and mingle with some fabulous ladies and a rather mischievous Santa that kept the mini Christmas canap├ęs and Benefit product-named Cocktails flowing.

Most of the evening was spent focusing on the fabulous themed box sets; a few of which I have actually blogged about (How To Look The Best At Everything, Sugarlicious, Go TropiCoral, Let There Be Bright) and the very lovely Head Make Up & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon showed us how to make the most of them, creating super quick, easy and beautiful looks for us to try at home.

I have been assured that 2013 will see the launch of some fantastic new products and I can't wait to see what they are. Will it be another fantastic Mascara or even another beautiful box Blush? Either way I'm super intreged as one way or another, Benefit has always been a part of my make up bag and I'm sure that it will continue to for a very long while. 

Do you have a favourite Benefit product or any Bene-Christmas gifts on your list this year?



  1. I have only tried two products, one being bad gal lash and the other coralista blush! I love the blusher but I wasn't too impressed with that mascara, I would be interested in trying another though!xxx

  2. 90% of my makeup collection is benefit, bit of an addict! I'd definitely not say no to santa popping any extra products under the tree for me though- I'd love moon beam or the passport gift box xxo

  3. Looks like you had such a good night out! The majority of my Christmas list is Benefit products!



  4. Jealous. It looks so much fun! I went off of Benefit products but have recently been attracted to them again by my best friend! :)

    Hope you had a great night!

    LaceyLoves x

  5. I love their mascara. I still can't find one that's as good as theirs, only one that came close was diorshow by dior

  6. What a beautiful party. Cannot wait to see all the fantastic products in 2013.

  7. I love benefit products! have u tried their tinted mosituriser? any good? xx


  8. This looks amazing, I'd love to go to events like these! I love their bad gal mascara, but the product I really want to try is the high beam, highlighter! Heard some amazing things



  9. Oh my god I'm so jealous! I love Benefit, just brought their Hellow Flawless foundation and powder and I love them. I've got the They're Real Mascara and That Gal Primer on my Christmas list.

    It looks like such an amazing event, I can't wait for more gorgeous Benefit products in 2013! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  10. lovely impressions! looks like a really nice party! benefit is such a great brand! especially the packagings are so pretty!


  11. This looks amazing! I think i've tried products from every brand but Benefit! I've heard so many good things about their Hello Flawless foundation and i've had my eyes on their High Beam/Moon Beam highlighters for quite a while! :-) xxx


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