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Sisley Phyto-Touches Sun Glow Pressed Powder

I'm very much a bronzer girl and have been since the likes of Bronzing Balls were introduced to me at school. Whenever I browse a make up counter, the brands bronzer is normally my first point of call and when I saw this Sisley Sun Glow Pressed Powder* I was overwhelmed by the duo of shades and enticing packaging.

This compact is made up of two separate shades, a light Peach toned beige that I would describe as more of a finishing powder and a super pigmented Golden Bronze shade that appears to carry quite a heavy shimmer but actually translates quite subtle and more of a soft and gentle sheen.
Sisley advise to use the lighter, larger shade all over the centre of the face and the smaller Bronze shade on your nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin, as I would anyway to contour.
I personally don't find I use the lighter shade as often as the darker and if I could change one thing about this product, I would have them swap places for size.

I really like the glow that the sheen from the product gives and find it helps the bronzer to look a little more natural for the day time wear and more effective for evening looks.
I'm not sure on the scent of the product; similar to other Sisley products it is quite perfumed and a bit too mature smelling, but I can put the scent aside for the quality of the product itself.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful and I would be lying if I said it isn't what caught my eye initially. With a brushed effect metal packaging, it is about four and a half inches in length and holds a full size mirror which makes it the perfect of my make up bag.

I don't find I use this as my day to day bronzer, but it's definitely one I reach when I'm putting in a little more effort with my make up, for evenings out etc.   

This Sisley Phyto-Touches Sun Glow Pressed Powder is available in two colour variations; this Peach and Gold duo as well as a darker Honey and Cinnamon, which I would love to try.

At £62, they're certainly not the most affordable bronzers on the market, but as with all Sisley products, it is lovely quality and a nice treat.

Sisley is available to buy in Liberty, House of Fraser, Harrods and John Lewis



  1. I'm much more a bronzed fan then blusher - this looks gorgeous!

  2. im the complete opposite and never look at bronzers! i only own one! although this is completely gorgeous!

  3. That packaging is actually heavenly haha. Looks like a lovely golden brown shade, looks so pretty and natural on you xx

  4. I love Sisleys packaging, always so freaking cute and beautiful! I´m also much more a bronzer girl.. Looks very good on ya! :)

  5. wow this looks so beautiful,

    great post & lovely blog. Follwed.

    My Fashion/Beauty Blog.

  6. Lovely post!
    I am massive fan of this bronzer, and am possible on my second or third.
    I like to use the smaller darker colour for contouring.
    Completely worth the money.

  7. the packaging is so elegant and pretty but at $62 a pop I think I'll stick with my $5 rimmel bronzer

  8. it looks lovely on your skin and I love the packaging too! The price is CRAZY! I definitely never could justify buying it haha good post though!:) xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  9. It has a heavy price tag lol, but it looks so pretty on

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  10. Oh my god this look so pretty, I love the packaging!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  11. That looks gorgeous! :) xx

  12. looks amazing but the price tag is painful! x


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