Sunday, January 5

Revlon Colourstay Shadowlink Eyeshadows

One of my main points of call when I was in New York was Duane Reade and after one too many trips to the drugstore, much to my boyfriends dismay, I finally managed to get hold of these Revlon Colourstay Shadowlink Eyeshadows.

Available in eighteen shades over three colour categories, the small single eyeshadows all lock together side by side by a simple sliding motion, giving you the opportunity to create your own custom palette, which I think is a really great idea. 
With a price point of only $3.49 plus tax, these are incredible value and depending on how big or small a palette you want, even if you just want a single shade, I really like the interchanging concept. 
I went for four neutral shades which is no surprise and decided to put together Cocoa, Java, Copper and Taupe. Although they're nicely pigmented, these don't carry the best formula which is slightly disappointing but for the price point which works out at about £2.40 each, you can't really go wrong.

With colours all from over the spectrum including highlighting shades, I'm really impressed with these eyeshadows and personally can't wait for them to be released in the UK to experiment with a few more of the shades.

Currently available in the US for $3.49, these Revlon Colourstay Shadowlink Eyeshadows are available in Walgreens and Duane Reade

Have you had the chance to try these? Will they be on your shopping list when they hit the UK?



  1. Wowza! Those look so lovely. I like the color combo you picked. Great choices.


  2. I think it's such a good idea if only the quality was a bit better :( the swatches look really nice and I love the colours you picked out though xxxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  3. Oooooh can't wait until they launch in the uk, the colours you picked are beautiful!!

    B xx

  4. Love this idea - hope they release them over here!

    Jazzie x

  5. woah these look so pigmented! shame they dont have them here! xx

  6. Oh wow what beautiful pigmentation. Can't wait for them to launch in the UK

  7. gorgeous colours ! love them all :)
    Melissa x

  8. These look so cool! Glad a readily available drugstore brand is bringing in the build your own palette thing :-)

    Kate xo |

  9. What a great idea! Pretty shades to.

    Georgina at

  10. Cannot wait these look fab! Such a great idea for the drugstore too!


  11. These look amazing! I'm so going to buy these when I go to New York in February!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  12. These look fabulous! Really love how pigmented they are.

    xo Christina

  13. I seen this here in Canada at the drugstore and I just didn't know about the pigment so I decided not to pick them up. Maybe I'll try a couple and see if I like them

  14. These are such a fantastic idea, it's a shame the formulation does match the great idea!


  15. This is such a good idea! The copper shade looks gorgeous! And congrats on your baby news! Looks like 2014 is going to be such an exciting year for you lovely! xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  16. These look so amazing plus they're cheap xx

  17. love the golden one.. must will try it.


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