Friday, March 29

Bourjois Rendez-vous a Paris Nail Collection

07 Coton Sur Ton
03 BCBeigé
04 Amande Défilé
01 Oh So Rose

Bourjois have been a go-to drugstore brand for me for I would the last year or so and continuously coming out with new products to fit in with the latest trends they never seem to disappoint. I absolutely love their lipsticks from the Rouge Edition Collection and when I saw a press release of their new "Rendez-vous a Paris" Collection, which holds some really beautiful shades of nail varnish in line with Spring Summer 2013 and taking inspiration from Paris, I was extremely excited and couldn't wait to try them.

The collection is made up of 8 glossy shades and an Easy Nail Art Kit. Perfect for the Easter Bank Holiday, I chose to try out four pastels of the collection; 07 Coton Sur Ton*, 03 BCBeigé*, 04 Amande Défilé* and 01 Oh So Rose*. They are absolutely stunning shades and although I have tried to, I can't pick a favourite between them. I was a little disappointed by the opacity of Oh So Rose and Coton Sur Ton, because as you may be aware, I love an opaque Nude and found them to be a little too sheer and for me, pretty hard work to build up a full on block of colour. I think they're intended to be possibly more of a natural, manicure shade which is still extremely pretty but I personally will most likely continue to build them up with a fair few coats. 

Application of these polishes is really nice, although again, I do prefer BCBeige and Amande Défilé, probably for the same reason as above. I'm always extremely impressed with Bourjois nail polishes, I always love the finish and these are no different. They're not as gel like as the previous Bourjois polishes I have tried, but they do give the lovely glossy finish that they promise to.

I'm really keen to try 08 Peach and Love which looks to be a slightly darker, creamy Peach Pink and think that like with these four shades, will look lovely when the sun eventually comes out.

The Rendez-vous a Paris Collection polishes cost £5.99 and are available to buy now in Boots and Superdrug

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Thursday, March 28

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic Eau De Toilette

As much as I have always wanted to be, I have never really been a perfume girl. I have my scents that I like and honestly, I tend to stick to them. I'm more often than not too busy swatching lipsticks in the beauty halls, whilst my friends are looking at the new releases in fragrance and I only ever get perfume for birthdays and Christmas, which tend to last me quite a while. Recently however, I have had my eyes opened to the world of some really lovely fragrances, including this limited edition Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic* which is a variation of the classic Alien, and I love it.

Alien Aqua Chic is new to Thierry Mugler and being made up of notes that I adore singly, is an ideal fragrance for me; Orange Blossom, Lemon Blossom and Pink Grapefruit are at the heart of this eau de toilette and together they create the nicest, sweet and fruity, extremely refreshing scent which gently mixes with Aliens classic Wooden and Amber base notes and I can't get enough. 

The bottle design is made up of Silver, Lilac and Gold tones and I personally think it is a much prettier take of the classic Alien. This is the 60ml size and I find it to be the perfect sized bottle to carry around with me, not being too weighty or clumpy, like I find quite a few fragrance bottles to be.

This limited edition Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic Eau De Toilette in 60ml costs £40 and is available to buy in SelfridgesHouse of Fraser and Debenhams.

Are you a fan of Alien? Have you tried Alien Aqua Chic?

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Wednesday, March 27

Regent Street 24/7

I have recently been mulling over whether or not to purchase an iMac for my new room and thought it would be best to head over to the Apple Store on Regent Street to have a little look. 
Being the self confessed tech-geek that I am, I spent a fair in store whilst playing on all of the devices and taking many a Photobooth snaps.

Much to my boyfriends annoyance, whenever I travel into London I just have to make it worth while and of course, heading into one of Londons most famous streets, I couldn't just go home. Thankfully, Regent Street is full of fabulous places to shop, eat and drink and home to the ever so highly spoken about new store & Other Stories, which is a dream to visit, so we were kept very busy.

Now I don't profess to know London inside out, although I am fairly clued on where to find the best Beauty counters, get the coolest Cocktail and trendiest Burger, but for all of you like me who can't get enough of all things London and Social Media, you should definitely check out the new 24/7 Hub on the Regent Street website. It's a place that shares all of your London and Regent Street Experiences that you share over any of the eight different social media platforms, be it shopping Tweets, sight-seeing status updates or your infamous Instagram food photos and it's a really great way to share with others and see what else is going on in London.

All you need to do to share your experiences is sign up and then every time you use the selected hashtags in a tweet or a post, you'll appear on the 24/7 home page
The Community page is great way to find the social media channels to your favourite Regent Street haunts and as well the hashtags happening in and around Regent Street 24/7.

I'm planning to head back to Regent Street very soon, though this time for delicious Cocktails and Food in either Gaucho or Sketch and as always I'll be sure to share my experiences!

*This is a sponsored post
*Images are not my own
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Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Colour- Punch

It seems that Hot Pink lips are all the rage in my make up collection this week and going from not wearing one in about a year, to two in a week has somewhat surprised me and my very frequent Nude lips.

This Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Colour in Punch* is new to Smashbox and is a Cerise toned lipstick that applies as a standard lipstick would and sticks around like a tint or stain. I absolutely love both the immediate finish of it and how soft it feels on the lips and love that the bright colour stains and stays around for a fair few hours. It's super pigmented and can be worn as both a more gentle tint and a full on lip of colour, which personally I prefer. 

One thing I wasn't so keen on, is that on application, it didn't glide on very easily and almost felt a little stiff at first. Once I got going and the product warmed up a little bit it was pleasant, but I've never really felt the need to warm up a lipstick for application before. 

A few weeks back, I attended a Smashbox event and the make up artist used this product in Coral on me and honestly it was absolutely beautiful. It's definitely next on my list as I think it will be the perfect lip come Summer.

The Smashbox Mega Tint Long Wear Lip Colours are available to buy in six shades online and at Smashbox Counters in Boots and cost £15.50. 

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Monday, March 25

Sisley Phyto-Touches Sun Glow Pressed Powder

I'm very much a bronzer girl and have been since the likes of Bronzing Balls were introduced to me at school. Whenever I browse a make up counter, the brands bronzer is normally my first point of call and when I saw this Sisley Sun Glow Pressed Powder* I was overwhelmed by the duo of shades and enticing packaging.

This compact is made up of two separate shades, a light Peach toned beige that I would describe as more of a finishing powder and a super pigmented Golden Bronze shade that appears to carry quite a heavy shimmer but actually translates quite subtle and more of a soft and gentle sheen.
Sisley advise to use the lighter, larger shade all over the centre of the face and the smaller Bronze shade on your nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin, as I would anyway to contour.
I personally don't find I use the lighter shade as often as the darker and if I could change one thing about this product, I would have them swap places for size.

I really like the glow that the sheen from the product gives and find it helps the bronzer to look a little more natural for the day time wear and more effective for evening looks.
I'm not sure on the scent of the product; similar to other Sisley products it is quite perfumed and a bit too mature smelling, but I can put the scent aside for the quality of the product itself.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful and I would be lying if I said it isn't what caught my eye initially. With a brushed effect metal packaging, it is about four and a half inches in length and holds a full size mirror which makes it the perfect of my make up bag.

I don't find I use this as my day to day bronzer, but it's definitely one I reach when I'm putting in a little more effort with my make up, for evenings out etc.   

This Sisley Phyto-Touches Sun Glow Pressed Powder is available in two colour variations; this Peach and Gold duo as well as a darker Honey and Cinnamon, which I would love to try.

At £62, they're certainly not the most affordable bronzers on the market, but as with all Sisley products, it is lovely quality and a nice treat.

Sisley is available to buy in Liberty, House of Fraser, Harrods and John Lewis

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Sunday, March 24

No7 Sheer Temptation- Showy

I used to love nothing more than a full-on bright Pink lipstick, and honestly, previous to this one, I couldn't tell you when I last reached for one, but something about this extremely bright No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick in Showy* caught my eye and for the last couple of evenings it has been my go-to.

I often browse the No7 counter on my frequent trips to Boots, but surprisingly, this super bright Pink balm like lipstick has never stood out to me, which really is pretty unbelievable as in the tube, it is so bright.

It's incredibly sheer but on application can be built up to more of intense pigmented shade with no feel of a heavy amount of product on the lip which I love. It applies like a creamy dream and as it pretty much a heavily tinted balm, it feels so nice, smooth and moisturising on the lips.

Unless I'm having a really fancy Red or Plum lip day, Peach or Nude is as far as I normally tend to go day to day now. I now tend to stick to quite matte shades with opaque finishes so this lipstick is a little bit different, but I love it. It's definitely something I would have gone for a few years ago and it's got me thinking that I should maybe visit some lipsticks from a little further back in my collection and experiment a little. 

This Sheer Temptation lipstick costs £9.50 and is available online and on the No7 counter in Boots.

I'm really keen to try some other shades in this range as surprisingly to me, I really love the formula. 

What do you think of Showy? Has your choice of lipstick colour changed over time?

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Friday, March 22

Ted Baker Beauty Nail Duos

Although through Spring Summer I tend to stick to pretty plain neutral nails, these Ted Baker Polishes* caught my eye quite a while ago now and so when I was given the opportunity to try them at the Boots "Give It A Go!" event I absolutely jumped at the chance. The beautiful sparkly flecks of glitter had my attention from the offset and I couldn't wait to paint the glittery goodness on to my nails.

These polishes in fact make up three duo sets of colours, from the same Ted Baker collection; Blue Moon & Space Dust, Cherry Bomb & Sugar Rush and Golden Girl & Totally Twinkie, which I must say are all beautiful. 

Whether you're into Golden hues, Blue tones or pretty Pinks I'm pretty sure you will be wowed by them all, as although Blues aren't normally my go-to shades when it comes to nails, I can't help but love  how it looks and although I doubt they will be a shade I wear now, towards the end of this year, I'm sure I'll be rocking the Ted Baker Space Dust nails.

My favourite of the three duos is without a doubt the Golden Girls & Totally Twinkie set. I have such a thing for Gold Glitter anyway, and think that the shimmery base colour, Golden Girls, is so beautiful and I'll most likely wear it all year round. 

The formula of these polishes is lovely to work with and two coats of the base colours create a beautiful Opaque shade. The Glitters run throughout a clear polish, which also create a lovely shine to the nail. Drying time is pretty average and I find that within a couple of minutes I'm good to go.

I really like these polishes and love that they come in pretty boxes of two complimentary of each other shades. 
They cost £8.50 each, which I think is reasonable for a duo and are available to buy in Boots.

What do you think of these products? What's your favourite shade?

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